Coming soon!


The Story

A few months ago, after I finished the script for one my short films, I realised, if I wanna tell stories, thoughts and ideas through videos, that will require money in order to bring them to life. I need to rent equipments, locations and hire actors and staff. Originally I put a video together that I was going to use on Kickstarter to pitch my idea and raise funds from donations, but then I was thinking. Why would I limit myself to one project begging people to give me money. Why would they do it anyway? They don't know me. It's the tooth-fairy story all over again. Hoping my life will be magical because someone else will do something about it. How about I put a website together and open a store, and sell items (prints, merch etc) that relate to my projects I'm posting on Instagram. Something people are already familiar with and can physically hold. I figured, if this idea works I could use the profit to sponsor these pricey projects and have more fun including more people. These are all just ideas at the moment. We get back to this in a few months. 


This is the video I did for Kickstarter that I ended up never using, but you can check it out if you're interested.