Why all this?



Expressing myself through art has become significantly important in my life. Over a year ago, I created an Instagram based on my work in art, but it’s been only since January, 2017 that I’m actually taking it seriously. I see how people interact with my work and it inspired me to create a place where I can expand on who I am, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

I also wanted a place where we can get to know each other a little better. I will post blog posts regularly, I’ll keep you updated on news and I’ll give a heads up about upcoming projects/ideas, (in case you’d like to be part of one or some of them). If you like, you can help me by telling me a little bit about yourself, by filling this form out. I think every single one of you is an inspiring individual and I’d like to know more about how people are thinking, doing, feeling outside my bubble.

I’m also using this platform to get to know myself a little better - I'm finding stuff out about me even just by working on this page - I want to push myself to become the person I dreamed to be one day. You know, I didn’t always think I can choose who I want to be. I used to think the world will have to define me. How silly! Right? I used to waste my time waiting for my parents, my teachers, my friends to tell me who I'm supposed to be. But a few years ago I began to think. Maybe if I want answers about who I am, I should ask the only person who might actually know it. Me.

So here's a little bit about me, if you're interested :)


In the Past

From a very young age I felt like my imagination was not only rich, but almost “alive”. The things I saw in my head were so vivid and seemed so real, that they made me experience life on a whole new level.

I'm from the 90s, so I grew up on Disney princesses. My favourite one of all was Ariel the little mermaid. I loved the idea that I’m living under the sea, and going on adventures with my best friend who happens to be a fish. I would look up to the sky and imagined that the clouds I’m seeing are actually the surface of the water. Other times I would imagine that I have superpowers. I could fly or be able to talk to animals. The idea of limitless possibilities started to make me create stories; and although I knew it was all in my head, the experience was so real, that I could almost touch it. 

I remember I wanted to share my inner world with the external one so bad, that it led me drawing all the time. I would capture a moment of my stories and try to put it onto paper. At the time drawing was the best way to communicate, however, I still didn’t feel like the people around me were hearing me out.


By now

I have acquired the skills to create many other forms of art. Growing up I learned about music, and how to play instruments. I discovered poetry, photography and software programs that allow me to manipulate images. With time I realised I wanted to be able to connect with a larger audience, so I learned how to speak English. The latest addition to my collection is an art-form in which I can combine all my knowledge. It's videography.

Art has slowly become a tool that I use to communicate with, when words are just not enough. Believe it or not, it has only recently become clear to me that I've been learning how to do all these things, just so that I can express myself better. 

Now there's nothing that fascinates me more than how emotions and thoughts can be conveyed via different forms of art. It's funny but I feel like I'm still that little girl inside, it's just the questions and wonders that have changed over time. Mermaids and superpowers turned into connections and self-awareness.


In the future

I would like to use my skills and field of interest to create soulful artwork that people can relate to and be inspired by. I want art that raises questions, starts discussions, but most importantly, makes us feel. Everything I create in the future I'd like it to serve this purpose. 

There's a long way ahead, a lot to learn and even more to discover about what it means to be human. So often we don't even know why we feel the way we do. Do our emotions control us, or we control them? And if so, is it a good thing to control them? 

Technology is becoming smarter and smarter everyday and our machines might be able to act like us, think like us, speak like us, but there's no code that will enable them to feel like us. Our relationship with emotions that sets us apart from everything else on this planet, and I think there's plenty of room to be discovered about them - about us - so let the adventure begin. 

Art makes us feel, feelings make us think, thoughts make us act, action make a change