It's Time!



The Story

It's been almost a year that I created this website without anyone knowing it. After a few months working on it, I've shown it to a few friends to get some feedback and reaction, but the amount of people even being aware of my blogs and projects is barely a handful, and even them I don't think are regular visitors, you know what mean? Well...after the "I feel" project I decided to dedicate a whole section just to promote this website, which I still don't know how I'm gonna do exactly but I better get it ready by then. I still have the shop page left to complete, which is a little tricky, but it's not impossible. (Nothing is) 


Currently I have just over 4000 followers on Instagram, and I'm predicting this number to be around 5000 by the time this section launches. I know it's nothing but a number for now. I don't know how many of those people are actually real, and I don't know how many of them are actually engaged or interested in what I do. I don't know if people will be visiting my website or not, and I honestly don't know which option scares me more. If people don't care, all this work goes down the drain. If they care and come here, well, then they'll have access to not only the fun and happy side of me but also when I'm a mess. What if they don't like it? What if they think I'm a joke and they'll laugh at me? What if they use the knowledge of me to hurt me? What if someone I wrote about will recognise him or herself and get mad at me? What if my bosses see this and fire me? See? This is how I freak myself out.

Anyhow, there's no turn back now. The time is getting closer and deep inside I know no matter what happens I'm not going to die and the world's not going to end. If I die or the world ends, none of my problems will matter anyway. In a 100 years we're all gonna be dead anyway, so who cares, right? 😅It's silly, but this is what I think of when my fears try to stop me.

Alright, that's enough rambling from me. I think anyone reading this would get the idea. See ya on the other side! 

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